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Providing healthcare benefits to employees can be expensive and overwhelming. That's why we're pleased to offer corporate plans for employers who want to offer a simpler type of healthcare perk to their employees. Memberships to Flex Family Health are a great way to show employees how much they mean to you.


  1. Low cost, high quality: Cost too much for health insurance plans? Want to supplement your existing plan? Are you self-funded and want to keep costs down? Get you and your employees affordable and unprecedented access to primary care.*

  2. Create a plan that works for you and your employees: Do you want to cover the whole membership for your employees? Do you want to cover 50% of the membership fee? Do you have another idea? Let us know!

  3. Same or next day appointments: Employees can get in right when they are sick and get back to work quicker.

  4. Appointments and on-call services by phone, text or video chat with your provider, 24/7: We know you are busy, let us make it more convenient so you waste less time and miss less work.

  5. Extended visits, No wait: You and your employees will have 30 minutes to 2 hours for appointments, with nearly ALL of that being with your provider - Not sitting in the waiting room.



5 or more employees/members



Corporate Enrollment Form




Please send questions/forms to or call (406) 894-2425


*Flex Family Health is NOT an insurance plan, we are strictly a primary care clinic and do not cover costs outside of our services.

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